Adventures in the Azral Galaxy

A millennia has passed since the first Aethertech Engines capable of Space Travel sent the Races of Man, Elf, Gnome, and Dwarf into the stars. Distant worlds were discovered and colonized, alien races such as Dragonborn and Orc were discovered, some establishing themselves as allies, others as enemies. Space travel technologies were either given to or taken by these foreign peoples, and as all time transpired, the Azral Galaxy was shaped into what it is today.

Six Primary Powers control various systems throughout the Galaxy, each with their own political structure, military force, and collection of strange and exciting worlds. Some still remain unsettled, others contain vast ports and sprawling metropolitan cities. Others are so hostile or mysterious that few have returned to tell the tale of what dwells on the surface.

How will your story transpire? Will you acquire a starship to venture the Black Sky as heroes or space pirates? Delve deep into the political mysteries and struggles of Free Space Federation, where Merchant Kings rise and fall in wealth and power? Or perhaps you’ll gear up and explore the Uxlethi Wastes, dominated by Illithid and Beholders with strange technology, ever locked in a civil war and severely hostile toward outsiders.

The options are as endless as the Black Sky itself.

The Azral Galaxy